Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy Birthday Roja

Tomorrow is my lovely sister's birthday, Roja. Roja is two years older than me, we grow up together. Since we were kids, we have our own differences, I was relatively quiet , dreamy little girl, in love with nature and animals. Roja was daring , brave and load. I was more like finding a peaceful, quiet way to reach to my goals she was more like fight to reach. Despite all our differences we were bounded; kept our little secretes safe and backed up each other.
I remember once , when we were kids, my mom sent both of us to our room as a punishment (we were messed up the sitting room all over) . My mom sent us there and said we had to stay there until we apologized for what we did. I didn't wait till her sentence finished and started apologizing, while Roja was frowning upon at me and looked at me as I was so easy. Well my mom let me out but Roja was too stubborn to say sorry. After ten minutes my mother called me and said:
ok Hiva go to her and say that you apologized for her and she can come out now.
I did what my mom said. You know what Roja said! "Mom told you to do this doesn't she!" :))
When it comes to choose a major Roja went with her instinct , ART. She always liked theater, movies, photography and she chose literature of theater as her Major.
when we were students at university we were roommates. we were roommates for seven years. God knows how many memories are just storming back to my mind right now. I missed her so much.
Happy birthday my lovely, pretty sister. From the bottom of my heart I wish , all your dreams come true very soon. Before it gets too late that you don't enjoy them anymore. I wish you health and happiness. I wish you hope and strength and I am sending you a big kiss and a very warm and tight hug.

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