Friday, January 23, 2009

When God Surprises You

Imagine one day, someone knocked on your door; you open it and God is standing right out there!!! (take it easy just imagine)

What would be your first reaction?
-Oh My God... or
- Are you for real? or
- So you do exist, I knew it!
-I'm not dead, am I?

What would be the very first thing that you would say to him?
- Do you wanna come in? Have tea or something.. or
- Can I help you? (really stupid)

What would be your short conversation?
- Cold weather ha
- What's up? is everything ok up there?
- How's guys, Gabriel, Michael..? Are they doing well?
-It's a little messed up in here, oh I mean you know, here on earth, Global Warming, wars,..of course you know, you are God...
-Sugar in your tea?

If you could make a wish , what would that be?
- Can we talk for a while?


Behi said...

I would ask SO many questions, I mean A LOT! And wouldn't let him+her go without responding them. And as I think God must be open-mined, there would be a high chance of getting convincing scientific answers not those stupid silly ones that we've heard enough and are so fed up with :D

ahmad said...

Hi Hiva
I Would ask him:I love you So much.
Do you love me "my god"?

Romi Sharma said...

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