Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Most Artistic Suitor

I read a book, named "Extreme Nature, The weirdest animals and plants on the planet". For those who have passions for animals, this book is quite interesting. It's about the strangest and out of ordinary behavior of animals and plants in the nature, we ever known. You can read about African termites which are the best architect in the wild, or golden dart frog which is the most poisonous animal than can kill a human by even touching its skin.

One of the most fascinating piece of information, in this book is about a bird called, brown gardener or Voglekop bowerbird.
The male brown gardener creates unique piece of art to attract females. The male uses available materials around him to make colorful bower. In fact the more impressive the size and colorfulness of his bower, the more females will allow him to mate with them.

The picture above shows an example of this bird's artistic taste. The male even use cans and plastic bag to make his piece of art more sophisticated. Isn't that pretty?

I like to know how a female Volgelkop evaluate a male works!

If a male gather more and more cololr will he be the winner? or how he decorates the objects and match this color with that, is important? I like to know how much that female bird is picky? :)

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Behi said...

That was absolutely interesting and cute, imagine if they could actually receive some kind of training to design like what humans do with decorating their houses, that would be fun :D