Monday, October 13, 2008

When Old Charm Let You Go

The most precious feeling that one can have is to feel you are creating somethings new, just like God.

I remember my conversation with a friend of mine. We were sat just next to each other waiting for the Engineering Math final term exam to be started. I had a feeling that she can understand what I am saying, and I was right. I don't know why at that moment we had this conversation.
I told her I want to be somebody, and by somebody I don't mean be famous at all. I want to live my life just like everyone else but with awareness. I don't want live my life blindly and just do the same things like others without knowing why. Go to school because everyone else does, got married because everyone else does, have kids because, Believe in this or that...

I want to know my options and know why I am choosing this or that. at the end maybe my life seems just like others but at least I know what I am doing, I don't just follow the society blindly. There is nothing wrong with following the society trend but I don't want my whole life in a package imposed on me.

It's like large companies get stronger and swallow small, individual shops; for example, Star bucks , Tim Horton ,etc get stronger and tiny cozy coffee houses disappear gradually. you come to yourself and everyone buy coffee from a single large company; But I love to see tiny cozy shops around that each has their own character and taste.

This is exactly what I don't want happen to us living in society growing larger and larger. I don't want a society swallow my individuality. Makes us more and more identical. Imagine in 2050 all people shop from the same store; go to the same place for vacation, have the same hobbies.

I always think there is something, called an "Old Charm" which surrounds us , keeps our foot on the ground makes us earthy. This charm makes us stop asking unanswered questions and instead helps us enjoy our everyday life : Go do some shopping; enjoy juicy gossip with a bunch of friends; be worry about your dress for tonight party, thinking about where to go for vacation, etc..

On some of us the charm works pretty well, it just never let us free even for a second. But for some of us this "old charm" gives us a break. That's a moment that you suddenly wake up from a deep sleep. All your unanswered questions come back! What I am doing here? is this what I always wanted to do? ... after asking all those unanswered questions again and again with no clue, your mind gets tired and that's when "Old Charm" come back and leashed you.

To be honest this charm has not worked very well on me lately, it keeps giving me a break and bunch of old unanswered questions storm back to my mind. There is one thing I keep telling to myself, no matter what the answer of those questions are, there is one thing for sure,

"you have a great life; enjoy every second of it, leashed or unleashed"


Georg said...

Bonjour Hiva,

You have only this life, not a second one to repeat past errors. So it's a good idea to make the most of it.

As you said you want to enjoy every second of it and the big question is what do you mean by "enjoying".

This definition puts you at a crossroads. It's up to you to take some directions or just let rip.


Nava said...

Dear Hiva,
Very interesting issue. I just have a tiny little argument (in the same boat as you though) and that is, I don't think it's the "old charm" which gives some people a break or not. Potentially, it can be stopped at any time, by anyone. The important parameter is the person him/herself. So I'd say some people wake up, (which is not very easy, sometimes it's spontaneous, sometimes an alarm clock is needed), start asking questions, and then either go back or never go back to the comfort of the old charm again.
Also, if you want to be 100% free from the charm, you may not be welcome in the society (wherever it is for you) and that makes so much headaches.
I think still the password is "balance"! Not letting the charm control all your characteristics, and still going with some of the flows, as you said, the ones that you choose, by consciousness and awareness.
Thanks for the post. I enjoyed it.