Monday, April 29, 2013

My Inner Jane Austin

What's with girls and Jane Austin's male characters. A proud handsome powerful gentleman who fells passionately in love with a girl but he is never needy. Who does not want that package :)

I remember the first time I became familiar with Mr Darcy phenomena, it was 10 years ago. Roja and I stayed at Behi's place for a weekend while Mr behi was out of town. It was midnight when my cousin put Pride and Prejudice BBC tv series into the player. I could barely keep my eyes open till I saw Mr Darcy and next thing you know it was 5 AM :D. At the end of the movie Behi said " you know girls Darcy's eyes are identical to Mr Behi's" :D:D:D

I recently host a Jane Austin marathon. With few of my female friends we watched 5 hours of Pride and Prejudice straight. Like a harmonic orchestra we sighed every time Darcy showed up ( I am giggling right now).


Behdokht said...

:D the sweet memory of that night feels as fresh whenever I remember that, as well as Mr.behi's eyes, still look identical to Mr. Darcy's! ;) :)))

Classics are the best, or maybe we were born in a wrong century... Love you :)

Hiva said...

Asheghetam Behi joonam