Thursday, November 10, 2011

How happy are you at work? What kind of reasons give you stresses? Deadlines? Jerk manager? Jerk co-workers? Load work? Work security?
If you own a business and responsible to hire people how would you hire? what would be your criteria?
If I open my business one day, for me the most important things is have a descent environment. I believe someone who is working overtime but has a healthy mentality is much more efficient than someone who struggles with stress. I think mental exhaustion is much worse than physical. You can take care of your physical tiredness by sleeping for few hours but you can't get rid of your stresses that easy.
Good quality work needs good healthy mind. So my main focus will be on hiring nice descent people rather than anything else. You can always train the person with positive attitude but no matter how hard you try a jerk is a jerk. It doesn't matter that the jerk work performance is good or bad I believe the amount of damage that person can impose on other colleagues do more harm than good.
 If one day I opened my own bussiness ..If...


just a peasant said...

I totally agree with you. At a lab once, I let a veterinary student go for being condescending to other employees. I also harshly reprimanded a visiting Indian scientist for being rude to the female researchers. Hey, you might really like the "Pixar Story" documentary. There's a good "work environment" point in there.

Hiva said...

Thanks a lot..I'll watch it..I wish I had that power to give few rude people in our office a good lesson but I don't...maybe in few years