Sunday, October 21, 2007

Just for one day

I was thinking what would happen if all of us decide to be the kindest of our life only for one day. Imagine just for one day I ban myself from telling any lies. I ban myself from giving anyone, even my enemies, a hard time. Just for one day.

I hope we human beings could make it, all together set a day, call it ‘Just For One Day’ and promise to be the best of our lives just for that day.

Just for one day, soldiers don’t fight, just for one day thieves don’t steal. Only for 12 hours bosses don’t get angry and don’t fire anyone. Just for one day, terrorists don’t strike. Only for 12 hours people don’t hate anyone, even the most evil person. Only for 12 hours couples don’t break up. Just for one day, people don’t betray, don’t break anyone’s heart. Don’t try to get your opponent down. Don’t cheat, only for one day. Don’t hate someone who doesn’t think like you. Don’t wish him dead if he doesn't have the same beliefs as you do. Don’t want the worst for him if he doesn’t practice a religioun like you do. Just for one day, accept that people could believe in different things but still can be loved. Just for one day, racists stop considering themsevles better than others. Just for one day, stop judging each other based on religion, color, accent, wealth, birthplace, the way they dress, if they practice this or that, if they wear veil or bikinis.

For one day and only one day, everyone loves. Every one shows respects to each other. Just for one day, smile and mean that smile. For one day, let your enemies rest. For one day, wish the best for all people. For one day, wish that no one dies from hunger. For one day, be generous to the poor. For one day, forgive those who break your heart. For one day, forget about anything that makes you hate and think positively. For one day, rebel against yourself; for one day and only one day.

Can we really do that? All together promise and keep out word to be different for only 12 hours? Imagine a day, that everyone all around the world wears the most beautiful smile they have ever had.

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