Sunday, November 04, 2007

Going with Life Train

In less than two weeks I am leaving St. John’s and moving to Mississauga. I made a list of several things that need to be done before I leave. Changing billing address, mailing address for magazines, wrap up everything at home, getting my driving license, having meeting with my supervisors are just some of the things in my list.

I am excited to go to Mississauga and finally to settle down in my own home there with Nima and on the other hand I am worry a bit about how will be my long distance communication with my supervisors. But let’s forget this part, for a while.

I need to plan goodbye party to say goodbye to my good friends here. This is life, one chapter of my book story closed here and another one just begin. Strangers come into our life and became friends; friends leave in one chapter and became strangers. There are few people who stay along in our life trip and never become strangers.

I had two wonderful years here in St. John’s and I will definitely miss this beautiful city a lot. Nothing is going to stay the same for ever, life is all about change…


Eilnaz said...


Life is a short trip and along it you meet people whom you wish to share and spend all your happy and sad times with. It takes a long time to find the real ones and by that time the you realize they are leaving you for goods. The time that we shared were unforgettable, I wish I could be next to you in the rest of my journey . I can not imagine not having you here any more:( .
Life is though.
I deeply hope the next chapter of your life be full of joy and adventure.
I will miss you a lot.

Hiva said...

Eily, I will misssss you alot as well honey... wish you the best of best in everythings. ;)