Thursday, November 08, 2007

And this is My List

My bloggy friend 40tike invited me to this game “ what are your faviourite books?”
Actually I love studying. This is one my geek sign for sure. There are several books that really affected me . I am trying to list some of them. I can’t rank the books I like them all the same:

1- Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach, I love the book. Very Very spritual
2- The little prince by Antoine de Saint Exupéry and translated by Ahmad Shamloo
3- The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein
4- Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse
5- The greatest Salesman of the World by Og Mandino, actually in Persian the book called “bozorgtarin tajere donya". Anyway the book was amazing
6- Follow your heart by Andrew Matthews, very touching
7- The book of wisdom by Osho
8- Animal Farm by George Orwell, amazing
9- Dr Dolittle by Hugh Lofting , I read this one when I wasa kid and god know how many time after reading the book I tried to talk to my dogs
10- The story of my father and I, Part I, II, and III, again I can’t find the real English name and I just translated the Persian name word by word “ ghesehaye man va babam ”.
Ok let me put an end to my list, I also enjoyed many other books but this list should work for now.
I look at the list of the best-selling books around the world, made by Wikipedia. It is very interesting to see that almost all top 9 books are religious book, such as Bible or Quran, but suddenly the 10th book is Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Two of my book can be found there: the little prince and Jonathan Living Seagull and also two of 40tike’s: Gone with the wind and Uncle Tom’s Cabin.
Well now to continue this game I am going to invite Mr. and Mrs. Behi to make a list of some of their favorite books. Anyone else who like to make a list are welcome.


Abadany dar Holland said...

Thanks for sharing that! I 'll defenitely have a look. Cool to see that you still read Iranian books, for me it has been a long time.

Love the Little Prince too!

Hiva said...

Actually I read all of this book years ago but I still keep them in my mind since they affected me so much. come on you make your list :)

Navid said...

Hi Hiva jan
I am glad that I found your weblog. I have read books number 2, 3, 4, 8 and 10. By the way number 10 is "Father and Son" or in german "Vater und sohn" which its website is here:
My weblogs are also here: and
Hope you are doing fine and talk to you soon.

Hiva said...

Wow Hi Navid jan, Thanks a lot. I killed my self but I couldn't find the book name. ;)

Frieda said...

this a good list! I have many favorites, but what changed my life recently is a book called "Discover the power within", by Eric buttworth.

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand is also changes you for ever once you are able to finish 1000 pages.!

Hiva said...

Frieda, I love to read the two books you mentioned. there are already in my must read list :))

Navid said...

now we are weblog buddies :-)

Anrosh said...

you have given me a list to read - especially the childrens's literature.

Hiva said...

I love children literatures and cartoons (to be honest) :))

BEHI said...

Hiva joonam,

I'm now with mamano baba, jat kolli khalie in Iran :). I will write my list as soon as I can focus better to remember them. Thanks for the invitation.

Leila said...

Hivaeeee man kashfet kardam :)
webloget kheily ghashange...
Omidvaram ke hame chiz khoob pish bere va zoodi biay haminja... BOOOOS

Hiva said...


Frieda said...

I don't know your religion preference, but I have to let let you know, that Butterworth's book has Christian background but I am sure you will be transformed by reading it. It's so profound!