Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Live As Much As Noah

My eyes are closed, I am listening, only listening.
Aren't we blessed with arts. Who made this, how?!!
how many hours, how many days, I need to listen to all my favorite songs
How many lives I shall live
This isn't fair. I don't have enough time to finish listening, watching, reading what I want to.
How many lives I shall live to read your thoughts, to feel your pain, or to hear your laugh, through your songs or within your words.

"We shall live another life after this one, since we spend this one wondering"
From Saadi Shirazi
ای گنج نوشدارو
بر خستگان گذر کن
مرهم بدست و
ما را مجروح میگذاری
عمری دگر بباید
بعد از وفات ما را
کاین عمر طی نمودیم
اندر امیدواری

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just a peasant said...

I definitely agree.