Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thoughts for Tonight

I watched Lincoln movie tonight. I loved it. More than anything I love the fact the movie tried to show him as a man and his vision he had rather than a series of events happened at his time.
The directors didn't dedicate the movie to North and South war but tried to show what kind of man Abraham Lincoln was as a dad as a husband and as a person.

I liked it that his terror isn't shown in the movie it just shows his frail body in bed after the shooting drawn in his own blood.

I am surprised and amused that:

1- Lincoln was a Republican. Honestly I thought democrats were pioneers in banishing the slavery. I a shocked that 150 years ago they were so much resisting the idea. I always considered liberals and democrats as those who are open to change, are more flexible,are kind of more open minded in general. And on the other hand Republicans and Conservative look narrow minded, less flexible and backward to me. At least this is what they project by their acts. It's quit interesting how far each party came in 150 years. I think I shouldn't mix Abraham Lincoln with today's Republicans or Democrats.

2- How much USA changed from his time. Those people that were disgusted by the idea of having colored people equal before the law now have a black President who is a democrat. The very party who was so much against considering his ancestors equal before the law.

3-How much Gun technology changed but the laws haven't yet.



Deep Blue Sea said...

Hi Hiva,

Lincoln was infact the first republican president. And the republican party was always more popular than the democratic. Historically they have been the anti-war party. Although that perception is gone after G.W.Bush. Many people dont like the tea party movement - and probably do not realize - infact it is anti war. The tea party are also opposed to many laws and rules made recently in the united states - such as patriot act - which interfere with peoples liberties - such as tapping phones and emails without warrants etc.

The republican party stands for many good things such as strict adherence to constitution and fiscal prudence. But sadly it has been hijacked - and has been corporation controlled.

Not sure you know - but you can google and see videos and text about Congressman Ron Paul - a republican who is probably the most popular American politician of today.

radius said...

Dear Hiva,
I always hated weapons since I served in the army and was forced to call my AK47 the "Privates most commited bride" (what a BS !!). Now I think than guns become more and more a measure to compensation for a deficit in self-esteem. Even a person with biggest doubts about its own value and role in the society can quickly feel all-mighty, after purchasing a gun. Even sport hunting or shooting fall in this category. They have little to do with sports.

Have a look at my recent posts here and link if you like them.

best greetings