Sunday, September 17, 2006

Welcome to NewFoundland

It took me a long time to convince myself to post this. Hmm, let me see: about a year!
Maybe the main reason was, I insisted to write in English which is not my mother tongue but gives me a chance to communicate with more people.

About the name of this blog I should say, everyone has his(her) own book of life and if we consider the childhood as chapter one and teen years as chapter two of this book the adulthood will be chapter three, which I am in. I like to write my life story, it gives me a chance to look back sometimes and see how I spent my years.

Anyway, it’s almost one year that I’m here in Canada, among maple leaf people. Continuing my study, I’m going to school here at St. John’s, the oldest city of North America, located in Newfoundland.

I like this small, harbored, rocky city with its great views. I am used to watch
Cabot Tower every day, located on Signal Hill, on the way home.

Once I read a list of one hundred activities that you MUST DO in Canada. One of them was pub crawling in St John’s. You can get pretty puzzled in
George Street(The famous downtown street) and find several bars at both side of it.

St. John’s is also famous for its long and harsh winte and strong blizzards which cause the entire city to shut down occasionally. Sometimes the gusts reach 80 km/h or even more. All of on-campus buildings are connected to each other through underground tunnels.

Any way, I survived the first winter and the second one is not that far away. Seems lots of fun ha!


Farhood said...

Hello Hiva,

I read the first page of your story. The English is really good and clear and the text is a good introduction to the Chapter you are going to create.
I think Chapters I and II , childhood and teen ages, can be more adventurous and you may have more daily events to tell. But the adulthood in a sense means to be stable and safe and therefore more silent. I hope you can find some true events through this silence. Tell us the story of Chapter III.


Behdokht said...

Hiva joone azizam,
Congratulation on opening your beautiful inside view to the outside world. I’m already excited about your coming thoughts and words which I’m sure they are so precious. Keep posting your life memoirs :-).

Eilnaz said...

Hiva azizam,

While reading your first paragraph, I had this strange feeling that you will express more of your feelings.I realy enjoyed reading it and I am waiting to read more.
Once you told me some strange memories of your childhood going behind the garden and trying to scare the animals.I think it would be a great chapter as Farhood mentioned before to write more on your childhood too.

Chelsea said...

Dear Hiva,

I am chelsea on your FB, and by chance today I found your blog.

It is a big surprise to me, and I m so happy that I could read your story from September, 2006. Cause that is the time I arrived at St Johns Newfoundland, time is flying~~

Haha, I spent 2 and half years at MUN and finished my degree, now I m working at St John's.

I never wrote a blog to record my memories, not a single one, it was a pity indeed.

But now I found your blog, I could fresh my memories and thank you so much!!!

I was at George street, Halloween night in the year 2006, the pictures in your article are so familiar to me.

Best Wishes for you,

and good luck

Chelsea (Jiyi)

Hiva said...

Hi Chelsea,
I am happy my journal is reviving your memories in St john's. :d
Wish you the best