Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fat man misery point

Yesterday, early in the morning Nima and I headed to Blue mountain region close to Geargian Bay. It's about 1:30 hours drive from Toronto.
Georgian bay is one the most scenic part of Ontario. It's vast and all around it has something to offer. The part we visited yesterday, town of Blue Mountain, has the largest facilities for skiing in Ontario. There is a 126m long suspension bridge close to the town which gives fabulous view over Georgian bay .

Close to the bridge there were several caves really unique. one of the caves had a point called 'Fat man misery point'. The character of that point was it's narrowness, we had to pass through a very narrow space around 36 cm wide.
Along the caves trail, there was a huge rock on which Indian chief used to hold their secrete meetings. One of the rocky wall along the trail, naturally formed in a way that resembles an Indian chief. Can you recognize that?

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Hiva jan,
Many thanks for being there. It warmed my heart to receive such an encouraging comment. Many thanks!