Saturday, February 27, 2010

Battle of Daf and Tombac

Mastano-Homay is one of my favorite Persian traditional music bands (one of the few :D). Here is a piece of their song which is a battle of 'Daf' and 'Tombac'. I love it. Here you can listen to the complete version of this song.


Sorrow said...

As i was listening, my children came in to look and to listen, The eldest was impressed, and said "thats some hand work! reminds me of a chase scene, what's from? folklore or something?"
Guess I am going to have to do some research...
Thank you!

Hiva said...

Daf and Tombac are two Iranian traditional musical instruments. Here in this link you can read more about Iranian musical instruments:

The song is a traditional song, with a lyrics from one of famous Iranian poet such as Rummy, or Hafez,..
Here you can read more about Persian traditional music: