Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Evening Thoughts

Nima left this morning. He'll be away for a week. I am sitting here trying to plan something for our coming long-weekend. This summer we managed to go to two camping trips. I love nature, makes me so tranquil. I am sitting here searching the Internet, reading through pages of this lovely book called "THE GEORGIAN BAY COAST" and trying to figure out where can we go. Most of the campsite area are full by now but I am trying our chances through B&B, motels, INNs. Georgian Bay is the sixth largest bay in Ontario with variety of landscapes all around. It's a perfect place for exploration through caves, underground water, snorkeling over 100 years old ship wrecks, canoeing, swimming, hiking, you name it.

At the age of thirty I am starving for being more and more active, more sporty more outdoor-y. I want to challenge myself, push my boundaries to learn new tricks before I get too old for that. There are so many sports that I wish I was good at it.

But it's not just sports, I like to establish few numbers of hobbies. Hobbies which say who I am. I am working on a list..Like a bucket list maybe. I like to make a list of places to be visited, list of things to be done, list of things to be tried at least. I like to dare a little..

My list definitely starts with:
Holding a Koala bear on my lap  in Australia
Backpacking a striking trail somewhere in the world I want the whole package ocean/mountain in the view
Travel to the nice place with Behis (and of course Nima)

I am gonna close for now  and go have dinner all by myself (self pity :)). It's embarrassing but I have to confess that I am scared to be alone at night. I have to leave a light on much for being more adventurous :D


Behi said...

Sunday Evening INSPIRING Thoughts it was. That's the spirit for a life full of new adventures and discoveries.
Add this one to your list as well: "backpacking and camping in the Swiss Alps with Behies"
We're waiting for youuu :)

Nava said...

Well, it's Monday ~noon now, so I hope you have survived last night ;)
When Mr. Alchemist is not home, I don't leave any lights on, but after I lock the door, I put a chair very unstably underneath the door handle, so that if by any chance someone comes in, the chair drops and I wake up... :D

I like the idea of a list. You know, if you actually write them down, they may come true sooner than you, good luck!

Hiva said...

I love the idea of backpacking in swiss Alps, I sooo look forward to that

chair behind door handle, wow professional :D thanks for the tip

Georg said...

Bonjour Hiva,

All that sounds good though I don't really understand why you want to go backpacking in Switzerland.

There are many Alpine countries and Switzerland is particular in just one point: it is fashionable and therefore expensive.


Hiva said...

Hi George,

This is just a draft. I know you are quite experienced. you are more than welcome to recommend anything. "D

Georg said...

Thank you Hiva. Coming back to Switzerland, it is a beautiful country, absolutely. And there, you get value for money.

But the people there are of the "no nonsens" kind and nature is as serious and well groomed as a five-star-hotel. Even in sunny Tessin, the Italian speaking part of Switzerland, the natives behave like Germans from the shores of the Baltic sea.....

One more word about evolution vs creation. Before reading and hearing what happens in the United States, I didn't even know that Creationists exist. I mean there seem to exist a Flat-Earth-Society somewhere and creationism is another of these crackpot ideas.

Are you sure children in school are not being taught about evolution of species in the USA? I cannot believe it!


Hiva said...

Have you watched this movie Religulous?, I think you'll find it insetting, it has some points although I don't like making fun of people because of their beliefs.

Georg said...

Bonjour Hiva,

Just coming back from looking at the synopsis of "Religulous". I would like to see this movie but in order to achieve this I would have to order it at Amazon or so. I don't think it will ever come over here.

Making fun of people because of their religion: well, yes, I see your point and I don't do that either. Would be impolite, wouldn't it?

But I will never forget that religious people of the One-god-variety - when they have achieved a majority - not only cease to be tolerant and polite, they have a tendency to indulge in all sorts of crimes. From official theft (confiscation) to thinly disguised mass-murder. It just happened once again in Pakistan.

Religion is one of the heaviest stones humanity has to wear around its neck.


Hiva said...

I do agree

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