Sunday, February 20, 2011


Nima and I just came back from one-week trip to Cozumel Island in Mexico. We had a great time over there. I am still shocked with the rich nature around this pretty island, the thick vegetation, the endless coral reefs, the greenish blue beaches with white sand surrounded with coconut trees, the Iguanas...
The first time that I went for snorkeling around the three famous coral reefs at south west side of the island, I was speechless. Just like those documentaries, colorful curious fish were swimming with us, a green see turtle was playing around, a five feet Barracuda absolutely fearless was staring at us, a small sting Ray which scared the hell out of me, sun rays on the ocean floor which made the view kind of dreamy.Still thinking about these things make me smile.
We had a chance to visit a mainland few times. We went to Chichen Itza to visit one of the seven wonder of the world "The Mayan Pyramid". Our tour guide taught us some Mayan world "Malo Kin = Good Morning or more accurate Good Soul". I wanna know more about these smart people with scary rituals, sacrifices, play of death, etc.
It was 25, sunny with a mild wind blowing, Nima and I were lying down by the beach. "When we came back  when ever you are stressed from anything come back to this moment and remember how relaxed we are" Nima said. Our life has such a fast pace I wish I could slow it down a little bit.

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Behdokht said...

Welcome back! :) Liked the post; it gives you the real sense of vacation and not any vacation but a great one! boos