Sunday, January 15, 2012

Good Stuff

Finally after a long time today I had a chance to chat with my cousin (Behi) and her lovely husband. Before I came to Canada we all lived in Tehran and hang out all the time. We were very close, still are despite the long distance. Have you ever had a friend in your life that you didn't need to explain yourself to her/him. She/he just knows what you mean by few words. Have you ever had a friend in your life that just sitting next to him/her makes you feel much better. Behi was/is that person in my life.
When Mr Behi join the club I couldn't be happier. He was my gadget guru, book guru, technology guru..We used to sit and talk for hours about our favorite topics.
Today he told us about this cool gadget "fitbit". It is the same size as a memory stick. You put it in your pocket and this cool piece of technology track your daily activities and tell you about how your week was in terms of acitivies you've done. He also bought this "Wi-Fi Smart Scale" that track your weight, % body fat, and BMI over time and sync your weight data to your account through your wireless network.I think I know what to buy Nima for Valentine. ;)


Georg said...

Bonjour Hiva,

May I use the famous phrase once again "I am not convinced". Something you call yourself a "gadget" cannot really be useful it is only faking and in this case swamping you with pointless information.

If you want to loose weight, eat less and get some sports activities. This fitbit seems more to be something like "Alsheimer induction procedure for the young".

Georg the anti-gadget fan

Hiva said...

Hi George, :)))

I do respect your opinion. I think our life style is changing and as time passes we might need new tools to do basic things. Yeah we know eating as much as you need and being active is the key but sometimes you need a push or a reminder or a motivator..These kind of gadget might do the job although for a limited time. Till we are bored with it and looking for another excitement..

Behdokht said...

These were exactly my thoughts when we disconnected that night, it's been more than 6 years since the time I had the chance to spend some very great times with you, the more I go and the more I grow old, I realize how much the closeness we had was unique, pricless and pure. When I was around you no matter if it was a fun or serious conversation or time one thing would stay constant; the tremendous feeling of peace and happiness that I had, and now after all these years I feel exactly the same but now the feeling of missing you has become a part of me and it's always with me... no words can explain how much I love you and feel lucky that I have you.

Unknown said...

Hi Hiva,
After a long time I'm here and happy of reading your lines.
Unfortunately living in Iran is itself a barrier of using these newcome gadgets so maybe for Mr.George who is a anti-gadget fan,it's the best choice :))

Hiva said...

Salam Somaye,

It's good to hear from you after a long time. I hope you are coping well. Anti-gadget as you wish :)