Friday, August 03, 2012

Late night chat

It's 2 am and I am awake. Now that I am awake anyway let me give you some sisterly advices: :)
1- More than anything and anybody, LOVE YOURSELF
2- Be kind to YOURSELF
3- Be confident (find a way)
4- Be positive(sadness just chew your brain and if you are not yourself you do no good to anybody)
5- Fightback your pains and never let your pains break you apart (it does not matter how silly your pains are the point is if they can upset you, if they can break you, you must fight those back).
6- Love people and be kind to them but never be dependent on them because no matter how close you think your friends are there will be moment that they break your heart

I think I can try sleeping again..good night


Behdokht said...

All of them are simple and hard to do and to remember at the same time but certainly wise and the key for survival and to live.
:** :)

Hiva said...

Behi asarate kam khabi bood :)