Thursday, June 13, 2013

Radish Invasion :)

The herbs and vegetables that I planted three weeks ago, now mostly showed up. The big part of my little garden is occupied by Radish!!!!  ( yes Radius you were right).  
I thought they are basil, then I thought they are fungreek (Shambalileh) and finally after three weeks I noticed red roots and new radish like leaves. :) I do love radish but now the pro blem is with this density my chances of harvesting any red tubes are slim. 

At the middle I have thin long chives that some of them still have their seed hanged from their tip. I also have delicate dills here and there mixed with parsley and I guess mint or basil (?). There is one more type that I am not so sure that might finally be the funegreek or persian watercress. I don't know how much longer I should wait to be able to harvest anything but for now just watching them grow is satisfying. 


radius said...

Wow, Hiva, you established an entire ecosystem in your box !! You definitely have a green thumb. On the 2nd picture to the very left I think I can smell parsley, in the middle it looks like chives (فارسی)

The many radishes on the entire right part of the box you definitely have to prick, not all the hundred of single plants, but at least a few from which you would like to get bulbs. You have to get some out of the box carefully, using for instance a kitchen spoon, without damaging their fine root. And then plant them in soil outside, in about 5cm distances from each other, with the upper pale red-whitish part of the roots remaining above ground. I have to admit that I never made it in our garden to harvest radish bulbs, since we have a slimy naked snail species here since some years, and which eats away the young plants.
Hope you have more furtune on your place,

best regards, Michael

radius said...

Hi Hiva, is this pure coincidence, or with purpose, that you put yesterday, about 4 years after the 2009 ordeal of the green movement in Tehran, your pictures of a culture of strong and healthy greens on your blog ? Some people believe they can communicate with plants. In case you are one of them, please ask your radish and parsley and chives what is their prediction of a potential revival of the Iranian green movement.

I hope there will be something to celebrate today,
best regards, Michael

PS: I found some photos from the elections on the BBC website and added some hopefully righteous comments on:

Hiva said...

Hi Radius :)
Pure coincidence :):) I wish these plants could talk and predict. For now so called " moderate celergy" won the election. But I can not tell if this is a good news or ...
It has been so long that I stopped predicting what will happen in Iran. I only wish them the best because I know many people, who deserve much much better.

Cheers, Hiva