Thursday, October 10, 2013

I Love You Dad

در سايبان تاكى
        آويخته است انگور
مو گيسوان خودرا
        افكنده بر لب تور
درزيرطاق اين رز
         افتاده است عكسى , از دخترم كه ماهى است با هاله اى پر از نور 

خورشيد نيز آنجا ،استاده نام نيما
پيچد چو نام اين دو
در كوه آلپ وآندا
آوا دمد بگوشم آ،آ،آ،آ....

I sent him this photo. He emailed it back with a poem attached. My dad is a writer and he rarely write a poem, not for publishing just for himself. But this one is mine and I publish it in my blog. :D


radius said...

Hello Hiva, I understand that translating a poem to another language always bears the risk to loose some of its original poetry and rhythm (although there are wonderul translations of Hafiz, Omar Khayyam, Rumi and other persian poets). I would be extremely grateful to read a (simple interlinear, i.e. word by word) translation of your dads poem. Maybe you could also provide a Finglish (Persian phonetics transcription) or even a recorded recitation to be posted to youtube ? I always wished to learn some more persian words and phrases than only "Khoub - Polo - MArg-bar-dictator", and I think learning a foreign language from its poetry is an efficiant way. I'm always surprised how well and easy opera singers adopt another language, simply by learning a repertoire of its arias.
Have a nice day

Behdokht said...

akhei :-) Full of admiration and love

radius said...

O.k., but this is a very, very, very condensed translation of the poem !!!
And one more question: Where in the original poem can I find the smiley ???

Hiva said...

Hi Michael,

I do a simple translation for you, something that implies the meaning rather than the exact wording.

Under a Vine shadow, are hanged bunches of grapes.
The vine let her ringlets fall off the wall making a canopy.
Right under the canopy is a picture of my daughter who looks like the moon.
Further away there is the sun, Nima
Whispers of their names are coming from the Alps.
Calling me

Cheers, Hiva

Hiva said...

Behi, Xoxo

radius said...

A talent that makes me envy: To express so much with only a few lines of words. I wish I could learn this.
regards, michael

Hiva said...