Monday, June 02, 2014

Why Merlin finished this way?

I just finished watching last episode of final season of Merlin. Merlin is a fantasy mini series, about adventure of a younge warlock to help king Aurthor to rise and unite the 5 kingdom.

Nima and I really enjoyed watching this fun, adventures, kind of light, simple series. Merlin is one of the few TV series that we finished to the end. But I really didn't like the ending.




Why aurthor died for god sake?!!! I know in a legend Author dies by a hand of Mordred, but since this tv series already changed a lot of things about the old legend I was expecting Aurthor to live.

From the beginning, the dragon was telling Merlin that he was destined to help Aurthor to become a one and greatest king. A king who will unite 5 kingdoms and let magic to be practiced without fear.

Aurthor died, without any of these happens. The writers gave the old legend flavor of 21centry which I really liked it. Such as having people from different origin or class to become knight or even Queen.

Then why killing Aurthor before fulfilling his destiny that reapetedly said through out the series..
The writer could easily let Aurthor survive for many years, unit the kingdom, properly acknowledge  Merlin, set magic free,..and finally have Aurthor died for that wound that never completely healed at his old age. I should have been  the writer indeed :)


just a peasant said...

Well you're right, the story arc seems to be somewhat incomplete. That's not the writers' fault. The execs in a boardroom decided to end the show and often give little warning. I imagine there is not a lot of incentive for writers once they know their show is ending.

Hiva said...

Yes, I know at the end it's executives call. But I was hoping to see more of them. I could easily do another season :D