Saturday, April 14, 2007

Borign and Drawing

2:47 Newfoundland time, Saturday afternoon I am working in my office. Actually it is my every Saturday schedule. I have a strong motivation for working hard, and finishing my PhD as soon as possible, that's joining my husband at Toronto.

I have my comprehensive exam ahead; it must be held in less than two months. But before that I will go to Toronto and stay with Nima (my husband) for three weeks. In fact this will be the longest period after our wedding that we two are together.

These days I am so busy with writing my proposal. I hope I can finish it through this weekend. Sounds boring ha!
Whenever I feel bored I start drawing different things on any papers around me, I remember I have had this habit since high school. Most of the time I draw a face of little girl with broad smile, ready to embrace the whole world and dreaming about intact piece of land, covered in green grasses and beautiful flowers. (Since I am the one who drew this little girl I know what’s going on in her dream, trust me.)

I have my camera here and I can take a picture of my drawing . Here it is!

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