Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy Spring

Today is 6th day of spring. In my country (Iran) there is a holiday for almost two weeks. We Iranian celebrate the first day of spring, Norouz, as a new year. This year, it was on March 20th, at 9:37 PM, (NL local time).

It was my first Norouz with Nima (my husband). He came here in St. John’s and stayed for ten days. I just said goodbye to him in St. John's airport an hour ago.

On march 20, with other Iranian (roughly 20 people), we gathered at Greek restaurant and had dinner. (Actually Greek foods are more close to Iranian taste than others) After our dinner we all gathered at a friend's place, and celebrated the new year.

For Norouz we prepare a table with some stuff which their name start with S in Persian language (the haft sin table) and each of them is the symbol of something. Most of the time we go with:

1- apple (Sib, symbol of beauty and health)
2- sabzeh - wheat, barley or lentil sprouts growing in a dish (symbol of birth)
3- Samanu (a type of Iranian sweet)
4- senjed - the dried fruit of the oleaster tree - symbolizing love
5- Somaq (a type of spice)
6- Coins (Seke, symbol of wealth)
7- Garlic (Sir)

Also we put mirror, candle, gold fish bowl, and holy book. I do love this tradition, when it comes to spring in iran all the street are covered with fish tank full of these beautiful, red creatures, green plant,…every where is red or green. People clean their house, buy new clothes, plan for a trip… I miss that so much.

The good thing for me is that I was born exactly on the first day of spring, as a result every year I have two gifts to look forward, one for my birthday and another for a new year.

Any way, my husband bought me a digital camera for my birthday, and I love that. Now I can start taking pictures of everywhere that I am going and give you a virtual tour.

Here is a photo of my table with 7 S-starting items on it. I have apple, lentil sprout, vinegar(serke in persian), samanu, Hyacinth (flower, sonbol in persian), coins, and garlic...
Happy spring, Happy new year.

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