Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What's going on in your mind???

Tomorrow is the final part of my comprehensive exam. I only need to calm down. Enough pressure for last few weeks. You know after study different subjects I understood there are lots of stuff that I don’t know much about.

It’s amazing how we human beings developed models to simplify the world surrounding us. Going deep into the details of complicated formula and using different ways to solve differential equations to explain how a simple shell structure behave… there are several books more than 500 pages each just to explain some of these behaviour…

I used to believe the world is based on a simple basic rule and then everything just comes up from that and not more. Definitely I don’t know what’s that simple rule is. You know now I understand what Einstein meant when he said “I am not interested in the details of this or that phenomenon I want to know what is going on in God’s mind when he created the world.

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