Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Traditional Iraninan Concert at St. John's

One of my friend’s parents came here to visit him few weeks ago. His father is a musician, and he is playing Setar and Kamanche and he is expert in traditional Iranian music.

Yesterday (Monday June 4th), he had a casual concert at music building on campus. Most of the small Iranian society members showed up and also local people who were interested in.

I am not really fan of traditional Iranian music, I just like some of them but I was curious to see what other people think. At the middle of the concert, one of my non-Iranian friend (John) asked, why one song is so long? I couldn’t help laughing as I remembered the related joke.

But generally everyone found the concert very interesting, but it seems some people preferred Setar to Kamanche. As John said it sounded like the angry female cat.

But another non-Iranian friend, Bob, seems to like it and said you should let your ears get used to it. that's a Good advice for me!!

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BEHI said...

You should have had me there to describe them how they could enjoy this traditional music,hmmm... what a fan we were in Iran ;), good old days... :D