Monday, June 25, 2007

Raccoon in the waste bin

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One of my major passions is animals. I do love animals specially mammals. During my childhood I used to keep different pets, especially dogs which are my first favorite animals. I think each individual animal has his/her own character just like us; some of them are shy, or quiet, loud,etc.
When I was a little girl, my grandfather has a big garden and there were always several dogs there to guard the place. I used to go deep inside the garden with my gang of dogs, which I used to choose a name for each myself. We were really good friends, I had a good understanding about their character, what they need what they are trying to say. They were just like my friends with another language; they weren’t just a dog for me. Any way but I think maybe being in contact with animals from childhood make me a big fan of them.

Yesterday (Sunday, June 24) I went to Erindale park with my husband for walking and on the way back we heard something is moving in the waste bin. Then we discovered that a small raccoon (not a mature one) was get stuck in a waste bin and can’t come out of it.

His face was so cute and there was no fear in his eyes but just a bit frustration of trying to get out. I wasn’t sure if I can pet him or not, (I think I was braver when I was a little girl who didn’t care about the risk of being bitten). Finally we tilted the bin and he came out very slowly and walk toward the trees. I wish I could have pet him. Nima (my husband) took a picture of him.

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BEHI said...

I vividly remember the time that I was chased by one of your grandfather's dogs in the garden :D.

About yogurt, in fact I'm going to make it but I want Damdaran's yogurt right now ;).