Saturday, December 01, 2007

Do Anyone Need a Sofa Bed?

We finally moved to our new house last night by the help of some of our friends. The main challenge was a sofa bed, heavy and big. It almost took an hour to move the sofa from floor 17th to downstairs and from truck to the garage of the new house. First we wanted to move the sofa to second floor but finally by looking at the narrow staircase we gave up and now the sofa bed is laid down at the end of our garage ready to sell.
Nima and I are still too tired to open up any boxes or suitcases.
We just set up the internet and turned on my laptop. At this time I am on my knees and the chair is downstairs. It’s better for me to go before my knees go on strike.


Abadany dar Holland said...

Goodluck with unpacking! I would offer my help if I wasn't in another continent. lol

Hiva said...



hi i came to u r blog accidetly. Huuuuuummmm its intresting !!!!!and do u have any horror stories in ur child hood or some other much intresting stories......

coz now a days i am thrusty of horror. No Director's are taking horror stories... plz :)


Arash Sharifi said...

Does the price includes free delivery?
Just kidding, good luck with the move, unpacking is the secound worst thing you can imagine, the first one is packing??!!


Hiva said...

:)) free delivery, I am not sure