Wednesday, December 12, 2007

There is no end to humans stupidity

I was shocked when I read in Globe and Mail about the Muslim father who killed his teen girl here in Mississauga. Poor girl didn’t practice Islam and she didn’t want to wear hejab. It seems his father beat her so hard that ended to her death in a hospital the other day. I don’t know what to say. How someone could beat her daughter for the sake of God’s will. What kind of stupid person thinks the God who supposed to be the creator of all the beauties around us, will be happy to see your teen daughter in her blood because she doesn’t want to wear hejab. I have many things to say but what for!!
Those who are able to do such things are blind prejudiced brainwashed devil. There is no way to talk to them. They know nothing about logic or fare discussion. All they know is this: THIS IS GOD’S WILL. Which means this is what their ancestors taught them not GOD.


Georg said...

In order to be honest, I must not forget to say that similar stunning actions happened in Christian countries, too. But several hundred years ago, NOT NOW.

Today and here in Western Europe, sad to say but Islam equates with stubborn backwardness and a strange tendency to revert to fanaticism when things become difficult.


Nasim Fekrat said...

Dear Hiva,

Thanks much for the comment. I really got happy.
The kite runner is a small example of pains and suffers there are a lot more but no one heard it yet unfortunately.

I red your previous post, you decided to go to Iran?
That is cool, let me know how Iran changed. I went there for 22 days in 2004 but couldn't visit many places.

safe trip


Frieda said...

There are probably many more incidents like this happening in other countries where goes unreported.

I fault religious leaders who have hijacked religion and ruined the masses by their manmade interpretation of it.

Where are the Gandhi's and Mandela's of Muslim world?

Anonymous said...
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