Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Luggage Door Malfunction

We are finally home after exhausting flight from Iran to Canada. We had kind of bad luck all the way back to Canada. Our check in took more than two hours at Imama Khomeini Airport (IKA) since the lady who was responsible for our line was under training and every 5 minutes called someone for help.

After that long check in we finally got into plane but the airplane didn’t took off until five hours later. It seemed the luggage door had a problem and they couldn’t close it.

I was so tired, I remember how many times I sighed when I opened my eyes and saw we are still on a ground. But it wasn’t that bad until we figured out that we lost our connecting flight from Paris to Toronto because of this delay. Several other passengers lost theirs too. It was a mess at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. We stood for two more hours there in line and finally we got another flight to Montreal instead of Toronto.

We where happy; this was much better than staying for a night. Our second flight from Paris to Montreal had 40 minutes delay and we lost our flight from Montreal to Toronto but the good things was that from Montreal to Toronto there is a flight every hour.

We finally arrived home after 30 hours being in airplanes or airports. We were both exhausted. I barely stayed awake until it got late enough to go to sleep. I fell asleep as soon as I put my head on a pillow and slept like a child.


Abadany dar Holland said...

Pffff, sounds so tiring, but what can you do? Glad you're back and safe.

40tike said...

Wow it took too long. 30 hours?

Hiva said...

considering all delays and stops in this and that airports, I think we were lucky it took 30 hours and not more :)

Unknown said...

akheiii, naziii! this "laugage door" problem is apparently a new fashion!! in the past year my flights got delayed twice for few hours for this reason! Welcome back to Canada btw :) in your next trip, you have to come to Vancouver, pleaseee

Hiva said...

Thanks Bahar :)