Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Trip To Iran - Part I

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Nima and I arrived in Tehran on December 16th. Our plane landed in Imam Khomeini Airport (IKA) opened recently.
We arrived in Nima’s parent’s house around 12:00 AM and I was so lucky to see two of my very best friends (Behis) there after one year for only 5 minutes. They kindly came to Nima’s Parent’s house to say hello and goodbye to us. There were on their way to Libya.
Nima and I decided each of us stay with his/her own parents for the first week. Thus the day after, I headed to the North of the country where my parents live, where I grew up, a city called Shahi. Shahi is about 230 km away from Tehran. I was in my brother’s car and the weather was snowy and foggy. We were chatting along the way and catching up. I felt so good, chatting with my only brother, drinking Cinnamon tea, looking at beautiful snow covers both sides of the road and heading home after one year.
I took photos on the way where we stopped to buy hot tea you can see some here. We arrived home and you can guess yourself: Hugging kissing, greeting….
I put my suitcases in a room, prepared for Nima and me, on the second floor. My mother redecorated everything. She put small fridge in the room full of everything you can imagine. It was just like a 6 star hotels. I didn’t know what to say. I love this room. It’s kind of like an attic. You can see its photo.
The weather was perfect for that week I guess it was around 14 degree (oc). Compare with Toronto weather when we left the city which was around -18 (oc).
It was great to be with my family again and feel I am just a little girl in this house. You know whenever I am going home, I mean my parents home, I sleep so well. I fell so calm and secure. You know just like I became a child again and my parents are around to protect me. It’s like I can relax and rely on them with no responsibility.
Last photo was taken in our yard. The pool with those colorful balls was so eye catching.

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BEHI said...

Hiva joonam, whenever I came to your parents' I felt the same; relaxed and so comfortable. I have lots of warm beautiful memories in that lovely house with that charming wooden upstairs. It's part of my childhood memories as well :-).
Love you