Monday, June 09, 2008

No comment :)

Saturday evening:

1- I discover I should pay a certain amount of money at a certain bank and bring it to U.S consulate for my visa interview on Monday at 8:30.
2- I checked that bank opening hours. All of the branches are closed on Sunday and they closed on Saturday at 3 PM and they all open at 9:00 am on Monday.
3- I freaked out, this means I can not apply, Nima (my husband) is searching in internet and check other branches around Mississauga , Toronto, Burlington…
4- Nima finally found one branch, located 1 km away from the U.S embassy which opens at 8:00 in the morning
5- We plan my trip to U.S embassy

Monday morning:

1- Nima, Ali (our friend) and I wake up 6:00 am in the morning. I checked all documents one more time.
2- Ali kindly gave me a ride to the bank and from the bank to the embassy
3- I was in embassy at 8:30
4- So happy and proud with myself
5- A lady at the embassy looked at me in puzzled:
“is this emergency case mam?”
“No, why?” I answered.
“Oh you know what June 10th is tomorrow on Tuesday today is June 9th !!!
6- I am exhausted


Behdokht said...


Nava said...

Oh Boy!!!
But you know what? You saved a day! And I bet if you knew about the correct date, something unexpected might have happened...Murphy laws!
Good luck with the Visa :)

Hiva said...

You should have been there to see my face :) :D

free bird said...

just to make u feel better:
some months ago, i went to the airport, all packed up and ready for the weekend trip...less than 20 minutes to the flight and more than half-way through the boarding pass queue, i checked the print of my e-ticket, realizing the tickets i've purchased last night are for the next weekend ;)