Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Family Union

This July is a family union for Nima and I. Nima’s parents and his younger sister came to Canada for the first time after Nima’s immigration. We gathered in Vancouver first (where Nima’s brother, Navid, lives) and now we are all here in Mississauga.

We are visiting different places and spending some quality time together. For my parents in law and sister in law every where are amazing. They love Vancouver. My father in law eagerly visited the office at UBC (where Nima graduated from and my brother in law is already study there) that Nima used to be in. He has the map of both Vancouver and Mississauga. Honestly he knows the city much better than me. When ever his sons changed their address, he used to find the place on a map. I remember once he said this way he feels, he is with them. When Nima moved from Vancouver to Mississauga for the first time, he bought the city’s map and started learning more about the city. He keeps saying “it’s like a dream”, “I still can not believe that we are all together”. I understand what he means.

We still have couple of weeks to be together and after that the family union will be over. But the good thing is, this is just the start.

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