Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We are Glad that you are here :)

We are in Chicago, the city of Al Capone, for few days. Nima is attending a conference here. The hotel we are staying at is very close to Michigan Avenue, which is one of city’s attractions. Part of the Michigan Avenue, called Magnificent Mile, is a location of several famous American stores such as : Bloomingdale's, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom , luxury boutiques like Bulgari, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, etc. There are also several fine restaurants, hotels, and a number of the tallest buildings in the world here in Magnificent Mile.
I went to Neiman Marcus just for curiosity there was a white shoes with no specific design with a value of $500!!!!!!
It totally does not worth it (just don’t tell me it is special leather). I think some times these brands make money just because people wants to carry their name on their shoes, or dress which might make them feel they are distinguished. I don’t know!

Anyway, Chicago in comparison with her sister, Toronto ( in my opinion ) has a much better traffic management in downtown. The streets are mostly wider and I feel people are nice for such a big city. As cities get bigger people became less nicer, people are more in hurry and does not have time to look around or give a kind smile to total strangers.
Nima and I visited the John Hancock Center which is one the tallest skyscraper in U.S. we went up to the 95th floor, which was the building observatory site. From there all the city is beneath your feet. I stood by the tall window and imagine I am ready for bungee jumping, honestly even thinking about jumping from that height make me shiver a bit. :)
We are coming back tomorrow, I hope my plants are alright. :)


Unknown said...

Comparing their traffic management with Tehran's...!!! No good results!! Especially these days when we have electricity off and traffic lights don't work at that moments, so Police officers play the role of the light on the junctions. Imagine what chaos we have here !!!

Behdokht said...

I can see you're having a pleasant time surfing around there! Enjooooy the rest of your trip Hiva joonam :)