Thursday, August 14, 2008

Be "flawless" in Beijing

TV programs are all focus on Olympic these days. The funny part is neither Canada nor Iran, two countries that we support, has won any medals yet.

I didn’t know that most of the Olympic athletes are armature. I was reading about some of these athletes, each of them is quite a character for themselves; for example, Michael Phelps who won 11 Olympic gold medals and became one of the greatest Olympian. He is 23 years old (5 years younger than me, I don’t know what is the relation any way). I was watching an interview with him, he eats as much as a family of four (7000-8000 calories per day). He said he can not do anything except swimming during a day; basically he only eats, swims, and then slip (so focused). It must be wonderful to embrace such achievements after working so hard for something.

I want that feeling…

Chinese are rocking, they strongly dominate different areas, diving, gymnastic,… one things that I notice is you heard the word “motherland” from their champion in their interview a lot. “I am so happy to win this for my motherland”.

I read in the globe that Chinese government has obsession with showing everything including people “flawless” . In the opening ceremony, viewer heard the voice of 7-year old girl but because she was chubby and had uneven tooth, another little girl came to the stage and did lip-synching!!! What kind of decision is that? Who cares how she looks like; she is 7 years old and sings like an angle. Why should they replace her with prettier girl? It seems one person does not matter but the whole image is important. I totally disagree! One person means a lot, how she/he feels is obviously very important.

It was written in the globe that some of the Chinese are not allowed to come to the stadium because they are apparently are not handsome enough.. This is stupid.

I hope as China getting stronger, Chinese citizens find more comfort and happiness and also the rest of the world.

I hate to think new ultra powerful country are coming to picture to cause more troubles and wars than now...

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