Sunday, August 17, 2008

The story of a big Fly

It was a dark night and I was walking in the sitting room that I saw it. There was a big fly, got stuck in the space between the sliding glass door and the net behind it. It was sit on the net and was looking outside, just like a prisoner watching the world through the small window.
I though it might be a long and painful die for the poor things, waiting in its prison, thirsty and hungry (very dramatic) to the end. Thus I cautiously open the sliding door and then slide the net back.
- Ok Go now Mr fly, you are free
The fly took off the net, flew around my head and then sit back on the glass door this time. It was sit there, watching through the glass door inside the house, seemed it really wanted to get in.

- Hey! look back! you are free to go, it's the all world out there just behind you

Being too busy watching inside, made the fly totally blind to see its freedom. That's it , it was time to take an action. With a quick move of my hand I made the fly to take off the door. It flew up and faded in the dark (At least I thought it faded).

Well the lesson here is:
Sometimes you need, somebody shake you to see what you have just under your nose !

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