Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Emotional Memory

I am 7 or 8. My sister and I are sitting on the tin roof of dog's house. The sun is setting. The sky is full of yellow, red and orange colors. we are singing a song while moving our feet in the air.
" wake up, wake up little kid
look through the window
with your beautiful eyes
watch the outside views
look far!
a pigeon flying
maybe he is bringing a message from the rose to the nightingale "

I am enjoying the harmony we two have, singing and moving our feet...

when we really enjoys somethings, it does not matter how tiny it is, our memory will keep that for ever. I don't remember everyday of my life but there are special days I will never forget and all of those days have somethings in common. those days are all involved with feelings, joy, hate, fear, excitement, embarrassment, cheers.

I do remember the day that I accidentally broke my brothers head. I must have been 7, but I remember every things, how I found a flat stone, my brother's head came out of the river. we were bunch of kids exited to shoot him. I through the stone and there was his blood flew along the river. I panicked. I don't remember how my parents bring him to the hospital, if he told me off or not. but I remember how panicked I was. How I tried to explain to my parents it was just an accident...

I remember the sky's color, the harmony my sister and I had, the movement of our feet in the air, I remember the flat stone, etc but I barely remember what I had for lunch last Wednesday :)


Behdokht said...

I still remember this song and start the days by singing that sometimes, it's lovely :).

Memories are all we have from the past. They might bring a fresh smile or make us sad or excited and laugh. They are always there and so alive.

Love you

Nava said...

Oh memories, dear memories...
I bet if last wednesday was somehow special for you, you would have never forgotten what you had for lunch that day!
But when we are kids, almost everything can be special. That's why our memories from those days are usually so vivid and alive.
Have fun with your memories...

PS: And I remember that song as well :)