Thursday, September 18, 2008

Report From St. John's

I finished my meeting. Everything was fine up to now. There is one more meeting tomorrow and after that I am free.
It's really refreshing to come here in St. John's and visit my very good friends. I was lucky to find such nice friends here in St. john's. Most of the time when you come to new place and became a minority because you do not have that much choice you kind of stuck with people who are way different than you but circumstances make you hang out with them. But for me, honestly, that was not a case. I am not saying everyone was perfect but I made some friends that I love to have them in my book of life for good.

Anyway I'll be back soon to end my husband's bachelor days ;) I forgot to check if Nima water the plants regularly!!

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40tike said...

you're one of those lucky persons that I envied all the time. I never had any chance to have a decent Iranian friend. anyway, I used to it and don't care anymore and have good friends from other parts of the world ;)