Friday, February 13, 2009

Celebrate Your Love

Valentine is coming, shops filled with roses, teddy bears and chocolates. Nima and I are going to make a pizza for tonight and I am in charge of finding a delicious Pizza recipe. I am trying to find a Pizza recipe close to Milan pizza we had in a restaurant back in Chicago. I love the smell of basil and Origan in pizza sauce.

Anyway, It's good to find any excuses to show our love to our family, spouse and friends, do something a little out of ordinary to come out of our everyday routine. Happy Valentine day everybody. :)

Picture is from here.


Behdokht said...

And how the pizza came out, did you find your favorite recipe after all? if so let me know Hiva joonam and the one on this photo looks really! ;) delicious.

Many many kisses :)

هوس مبهم said...

چه پیتزای عجیبی، شبیه جگر ه

Anonymous said...

I read a post about cheating spouses in ur blog . It was some time ago. Well I just thought this was a funnily relevant link. Also there are two links in this link after the article :

Anonymous said...

Sorry here is the Link again. Type the link in ur browser. The link has two lines. Use it without any space

Hiva said...

As a woman I can't connect to either of those girls in a story... the story is very rare in the world scale..What I wrote in my post was about common form of marriage, two people fall in love, get married then one stop loving the other and betrays with no chance to have two wife/husbands at the same time...
Thanks for the link

Anonymous said...

Alright.Anyways one more thing. What do you think of the situation where a man TRULY loves two women and wants to marry both. And yes he is not marrying one of them to please his mother or something. He truly loves both.
Do you think as a women u wil understand him ? Will you agree to him havin 2 wives ?

I dont know what you will think of me , But I am in Luv with , not 2 , But 4 women.And yes this is definitely not lust.I know it.

So wat u think of two wives. And more importantly wat do u think of 4 wives ?

Wish me luck...

Hiva said...

wow, are you serious..
Here in Canada (part of BC), there are some polygamists ( The men in that society can have several wives (20, 50, or 100). They kept their marriage secret because it is against the law to have more than one wife. Personally, as a woman I can’t understand those girls. How could they accept to share their husband with other? The answer is those girls are raised in a way to believe that’s a way to live.
For me the rule is simple, 1 wife, 1 husband that’s fair.
Moslems are allowed to have more than one wife (up to 4 actually).But as far as I know none of those women are happy, they are always competing with each other to attract the husbands attention.
DBS, about the story you sent, as far as I understand, Saroja is not necessarily happy. She is a traditional girl who taught to “make your husband happy even if you are miserable”.
For example, she doesn’t care about her sexual pleasure, she just want her husband be happy. If you ask me, she accepted Kalpana, because she wanted to make her husband happy (that’s the way she was raised, to forget about herself and keep sacrifice for him). I honestly don’t understand Kalpana, a modern business woman act this way. The point is the story is from the husband’s point of view and he is the one who think everyone is happy.
Well your case is different. Now if someone is in love with 4 women and those four women have no problem with multiple marriage and everyone is really happy, who am I to judge?