Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Conceptual Naked Ape

These days my mind is occupied with global warming; humans’ impact on earth, etc. how we end up here? So dominant in comparison with the rest of creatures!!

I think the start point has something to do with agriculture. When we learned to do farming we start settling down at one place instead of going from one to the other searching for food. Farming made us different from the animals. We stayed put, somewhere close to rivers, and made houses nearby which was another impact. Humans wiped out the jungles to have more land for farming and also to have wood for keeping their houses warm or building their houses.

Can you see the trend? First we learn how to do farming, which had two main consequences:

1- Building houses near the river and farms

2- Stripping the jungles (to expand our farm land, to use the wood for houses..)

Gradually humans’ society formed and the population increased. Our villages became cities and grow larger. New needs came to picture and intelligent human being found the solution one after another. We learned how to make dams on river. The oldest dam still in use was build almost 1800 years ago (Grand Anaicut).

We are in 21st century, we have large cities like, New York, Tokyo, etc. we have large factories producing every king of product one can imagine per second all over the world. We landed on moon; we are planning to land on Mars we have 18000 satellites orbiting around the earth. God!! we are so intelligent.

But you know what, while we were busy with industrial revolution, making atomic bombs, learning how to fly, making super submarine, we didn’t care much about the impact we imposed on earth.

The all idea of Be Green, Go Green is new. I can’t see the future but I like to be optimistic and believe that thousand years from now the future humans are going to be highly intelligent, emotionally.

I hope our intelligent leads us to better understanding of other creatures. To learn, with our “power comes responsibility”. I hope our intelligence help us to understand torturing and killing a lone, frightened, and wounded bull is no fun. Watching two dogs fighting to death is not joyful.

Many of us eat meat, we need to do that. There are not enough vegetables to feed this large population we need meat to survive but we can stop killing animals to have fancy food. We can stop killing whales in the name of research. We can survive without having Foie gras and stop force feeding poor goose and ducks. We can stop eating fish while the poor creature is still alive.

I think future humans will be in more harmony than us. They will learn the language of animals. They will hear the mourning of a mother gorilla for her dead baby. I hope I’m not too optimistic!!!


Behi said...

True! Humans have been busy doing great and stupid things all together since their existences on the earth.

Anonymous said...

Hiva jan! I strongly agree with you and thank you for your precise analysis. I always suffer from this issue, specially when I find there is nothing i can do. I always try to imagine the earth in Adam and Eve time. I wish I were at that time and could inhale fresh air on the intact earth and enjoy the most clearest sets of colours ever. This is one of my sweetest dreams:)...

Deep Blue Sea said...

Hey who said ther isnt any need to think that the vegetarian food in in sufficient.U know countries Lik Singapore and Netherlands and others Grow so much surplus in so small land that they actually contribute to World food program in a Large way. In Fact they export majority of their agri produce . So Modern ways of agri is way to go. In my opinion its wrong to kill animals

Hiva said...

Deep Blue sea,
I agree "killing animals is wrong", but I am not really sure if tomorrow morning allover the world we announce no one can kill any animals, humans can survive!!!
Maybe in future humans find a way to produce enough vegetables for all population without wiping out the jungles, maybe we found a way to produce meat in lab.. I hope so

Deep Blue Sea said...

Thats right we cant make all humans stop eating meat.But then I dont think enuf is done to remove the ignorance from peoples minds . Ignorance such as - Plants are also living things so we cant kill them either - an ignorant argument put out by nonveg eaters.

And why shud we produce meat in Labs!
Dont u know human digestive system is not designed for Non Veg food? We are herbivorous animals.

There is an article{google it} about how nonveg rots in Human intestine.Read it and U wil be disgusted. Maybe u wil quit nonveg immediately..

Hiva said...

I know humans don’t have that much in common with carnivores and we are more suited with herbivorous. That’s true we are not able to rip animals with bare hands and eat their raw flesh. We learn to cook meat and make tools to kill animals. I don’t argue on this.
All I am saying is that, at this present time we are not ready to quit eating meat. We need a long term plan to gradually reach to this understanding eating meat means depriving another creature’s life.
There are people who are living with less than $1 a day, they eat anything (and I mean anything) to survive. Survival is the first rule of nature, and we are part of it.
That’s why I said maybe thousands years from now we humans learn how to leave in peace with ourselves and surrounding environment. And yes you are right, maybe if we learn more about ourselves, there will be no need to produce meat in lab (to be honest I won’t taste that lab meat )