Friday, April 16, 2010

Bubbly world

I had an interview today. I drove about 40 minutes and arrived an hour earlier at 9:00. I waited till 10 to 10 and then got in. The interview went very well and at the end the manager told me he will prepare the offer for me till the end of the next week.

I was happy and at the same time scared. the image they tried to show me was a little scarey. although I tried to have a realistic image about what I am expected to do there still I was scared. Basically at this time they want me to start from the very basic just like some one with bachelor. I have to go to sites around Toronto maybe 6 months to one year and supervise masculine workers. Workers who might find it so hard to listen to a girl like me. I have to prove myself to them and learn to be tough. The office is about 50 km away from home and I have no idea about the pay or benefits. I should wait to see the offer package to make my final decision. During interview both the manager and the experienced engineer tried to clarify that probably for the next few years I won't do any numerical analysis as I used to do for my PhD.

This is the real world.

Many of us live in a bubble with the wrong image from the real world, our ability and talents. When we are choosing a major at college how much we really know what we will become at the end? how much?
You ask a 7 year old kid what she/he wants to be! The answers are something like : I want to be a Dr, I wanna be an engineer, I wanna be a fire fighter, I wanna be a policeman...
Where do we get these ideas..sure TV, movies..makes everything looks dramatic, exciting, challenging, but not realistic...

I remember there was a TV series about  highway patrols dealing with drug dealers, murderers, criminals every day which is totally a wrong image.  Most of the time highway patrols fined ordinary car drivers like us  for speeding. You watch a movie, shows some young, handsome engineers working at decent offices and  think those engineers are probably sending at least one Apollo  to the space every week. If movies tries to show you a realistic routine of each career, a routine that is the case for  80% of your time, the movie won't sell. Everybody loves drama..and that what you get, a wrong dramatic image and you ended up doing something you probably hate and so bored with.

But it's not only TV or movies even these companies website are totally exaggerating about their work atmosphere. Just go around and search some engineering websites. I bet in every single of these sites you'll read something like " we are leading engineering company, dealing with innovative challenging projects." What many of these company should write is " we are working on routine  projects and every 10 years maybe a little new subjects pops up and makes us out of our comfort zone, so if you are someone with post graduate degree please don't bother to waste your time by applying for our company".


marjan said...

That would be great!:)
I am very happy for you.
Don't worry Ms. Boss, All your employee will like you.

Behi said...

I only can wish things go very well for you and at some point you say yes! I did that because that was a right thing to do and was worth it.
I liked what you wrote on the realistic part Hiva joonam.To me, thinking like this is also a realistic step that you're taking through your process of job hunting.

Hiva said...

Thanks guys, this was my first interview and I am not sure if I'll accept it...wish me luck

Deep Blue Sea said...

Hi Hiva

Congrats on Job Offer .

And Thank you for telling about real world.It has made me confused a little bit though. That with Phd you are treated same as Bachelor.I wonder who is doing all the innovation and inventions.

Maybe you will surge ahead exponentially after an initial period of "learning the ropes".

A cousin told me that in companies,if you stay in same company you wont grow fast but if you get experience and jump to another company you will immediately have a much higher job profile.In fact his seniors asked him 'what on Earth are you still doing here?' Go to other company and you will have higher position and double salary.

Experience I think is what realizes the true value for the degree u hold.

Hiva said...

Your point about exponentially growth is true. Also your cousin's point is a very good advice, not that you just change the company with no reason but that when you reach to the point that you must go up but instead staying at the same position then that's a time to jump.

Most of Eng. companies are doing routine projects and once in a while they might face some challenges. The number of companies who has advanced approach or R&D section are limited. I myself still learning more about industry..

Anonymous said...

Did you get the offer?

Georg said...

Bonjour Hiva,

To tell you the truth I did not fully understand this post. Probably because you did some "tourner autour du pot".

Could be because you never said because of privacy what you were studying and with what kind of degree you quit the university.

I have been working with engineers of all kind nearly during all my life and I think you are off the mark regarding "routine".

Even in an routine job an engineer must be ingenious from time to time to solve problems and in order to keep the project, any project from stalling.

Wish you success in your venture, any venture. I am sure you'll make, sure.


Hiva said...

Hi George,

You are right, here in this blog I think load which sometimes might be misleading.

I didn't quit the university, I am waiting for my defense. There is nothing private about this actually. I am finishing my PhD in geotechnical/structural engineering. :D

I totally agree with you even in routine projects there are many things to learn and challenges to deal with. I am at the beginning of this way. I was in academic atmosphere for the last 10-11 years. There are differences between industry and unicersity which gradualy sink in my mind.

Take care

maryam said...

Salaam Hiva,

From your previous posts,I learned you study long distance. I have in the same boat! Because of my partner I live in a city where is 5hr drive to my university and I do my job at home.I found it very difficult to manage. Can you please explain me how you can handle it? I get very distracted when I am home and get depressed very easily.
Thank you,

Hiva said...

Salam Maryam,

I'll be happy to share my experience with you. Of course you know all about the challenges of long-distance study. You are lucky that your university is only 5hr drive away, mine was 3hr flight :D

Anyway the main challenge is to be focused. I deal with this all the time. You'll be distracted very easily, maybe check your e-mails 100 times a day and then feel so bad for wasting time. Don't worry that is the case for everybody.
Well I don't know if I stayed in my office and not moving here how much I would be faster, but I tried to control my distraction by making small deadline for myself.

I tried to sit in the morning before starting my research and think about "what I am going to do today".

I tried to harmonized myself with my husband. So we both get up in the morning have breakfast he goes to work and I go to my home office and get to work till he comes back.

I report to my supervisors every now and then to show them I am making progress.

And finally the big motivation for me was the fact that I hated staying at home all day long. I wanted to finish it as soon as I could to get out.

You'll be fine. You'll get use to your situation gradually I am not telling you won't be bored or distracted but I think for the same reason you'll finish your study within the reasonable time zone.

A friend of mine once suggested to go to library everyday which was not an option for me because I needed my desktops all day long.

Good Luck

Maryam said...

Thank you so much,Hiva. going to library doesnot work for me either. I should schedule my things in advance as you.
I wish the bests for you.

نازخاتون said...

Hiva jan,

I am looking forward hearing good news about the offer. Hopefully, every thing will fit with your liking. Take care!

Hiva said...

Merci Nazkhatoon jooon :D