Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Symbolic Sign

Yesterday my supervisor sent me an email with his comments on the last chapter of the thesis. He wrote some encouraging words for me about the job I have done. Right aftre his email I recived another email from the prospective manager of the company I am going to join in less than two weeks.
It's kind of symbolic, isn't it? I am staring at two emails and I know as time passes one of them will gradually disappear from my book of life and another is starting to be part of it for a while. It sounds these days are my last few days of freedom. I hope in the future I still be able to spare some time to come here and write about my life story.


Maryam said...

Hello Hiva,

Wish you good luck in your new chapter of life.
What kind of work are you starting?

Behi said...

And the new chapter begins! :) Kisses

marjan said...

yohoooooooooooooooo,, best of luck with your new chapter, I am very happy for you:)))

Hiva said...

Thanks guys :))))

Georg said...

Bonjour Hiva,

Last days of freedom: that sounds a bit sad. Let's hope those days and years of bondage will have some positive sides, too.

Do you mean you are now embarking on Chapter IV? And if this is so, how do you name Chapter I and II?

Cheers, Hiva

Hiva said...

Hi George,

I am not sad at all, actually I am excited about this.
About the blog name, Chapter I is childhood, chapter II is teen years and Chapter III is a young adulthood, I guess I'll keep the name for more few years :D

Take Care