Monday, May 10, 2010


We are still practicing ice skating. Nima and I with couple of friends started it while ago and now we are all loving it. Although I am fully protected, I am still tense and lean forward all the time. It takes time for me to skate with no fears. Yesterday on ice I saw a Sikh man in his early 60th skating very smoothly and confidently. He was doing  figure skating, turning around, going backward, smiling to everybody and chatting here and there. We talk to him afterward and realized that he started skating at 55 years of age. It was really inspiring. There was a girl only 17 months skating with her parents and she actually started it at 12 months.
Skating is really joyful, the sense of freedom, coolness of ice touching your face and a harmony with others. I am getting better :D 

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Behi said...

Keep going and you'll get there. Practice makes perfect. boos :)