Friday, May 07, 2010

Hard Touch

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It was about a year ago, Nima and I visited Blue Mountain Village in Ontario. There was an educational exhibition about this little crocodile and a huge Python. Kids touched them with curiosity and some horror in their eyes. I didn't dare to get close, Nima told me the Python skin was so soft. No wonder some people loves to make stuff out of it..
Look at the third picture. There is a trace of blood under the crocodile teeth might be because of his jaws pressure. I guess we were kind of  educational exhibition for him :)


Nava said...

I bet he's thinking:"Mmmm! if only I could have opened my mouth...Look at all these yummy things...Mmmm!"

Hiva said...

Exactly...:)))).."ye loghme az un kapalha bzanam "