Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Field Experience

Today was my 3rd day at work. I feel like someone who is thrown to the middle of the sea and does not know how to swim. I feel everybody rushed me into something. Everything is quite new to me, office, field, colleagues, and above all commuting. It can takes me easily more than an hour if I stuck in the traffic.
Site experience is very interesting, dealing with drillers, the traffic guy, workers, etc. Yesterday I was counting the number of "F word" one of the drillers used in a very short sentence. Yesterday I had a cookie with my hands full of dried dirt.  I am still trying to catching up, I'm trying to wake up from my hybernation.
Things also changed alot for Nima, now he has more responsibility. He has to cook most of the time since he is home earlier than I am. He has to take a bus to work sine I am driving our car. We both come home exhusted and try to spent the last drop of our energy together.
I should get used to my new situation as soon as possible and try to spend less and less time in the car. I can't talk to my mom during a day anymore, We used to talk every other day for half an hour. All these changes have been overwhelming for me. I am keep telling to myself: breath Hiva, just breath


Sorrow said...

Breathing is good,
but Love, gratitude and laughter will get you thru!
Sending a bit of them all to you...

Unknown said...

Good luck to you...

Behdokht said...

A grown up world is what it is. I can imagine how all these new experiences and changes must feel like to you. Hope you enjoy more and more your work and the environment as time passes.
Take care, boooos :)

Nava said...

Exactly, breathe, and everything will be easier eventually. You'll get used to everything.
Change is good, you have passed that transition state and are going downward toward another state of your life. Good luck :)

Hiva said...

Love you guys, thanks

marjan said...

gooood luck, and I am so happy for you, keep going, every thing will be fine and you can easily handle all your life balance in a short time.
just be relax and take it easy!:)
deep breath

Georg said...

Bonjour Hiva,

Your mentioning the number of "F..." on your first job made me think of my military service in the German airforce.

For two weeks our squadron was transferred to an British NATO airport and thus I mixed a bit with the English.

One day I was sitting in the sun, relaxing after service, quite near to two English soldiers who took no notice of me.

I tried to follow their conversation with my school English and thought after some time they were making secretly fun of me. Every third or forth word was "fucking".

It took me years and years, in fact my first visit to England as a tourist, to understand that there are people who talk like that in earnest.


Hiva said...

Hi George,
I get used to it now. sometimes they apologize (excuse my language mam). What I like about drillers, workers is that they don't try to be politically correct, they are simply themselves :)