Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I still Like You

Do you remember your first friend? Someone made you thrilled each time come to you for play. I clearly remember my first friend. Not just one of the gang we use to play all together no, some one who was more match with me than others. I was 5 or 6 when we met first. Our parents were close friends. She was exactly my age and her sister was the same age as my older sister. She too was fascinated with animals and her first favorite was dog. We had so much in common as a kid. We play all the time pretend to be different kind of animals like two squirrels climbing the sofa (which to us was a largest tree in our beloved imaginary jungle).

As we grow older we still found lots of things in common to talk about, we both liked detective novels and enjoyed talking about Sherlock Holmes and Poaro. Gradually around the age of 13 I realized we are changing and had less and less in common. To me she was changing a lot but then that's just one side of the story. We where at different school and found different companies. Lat time I saw her it was her 14 years old birthday party. That day was officially the last day of our friendship. We didn't have argue of any kind nothing we just simply stop calling each other. Like we both reach to this understanding that we are heading different ways and enjoying different circle of friends. I never saw her again and never even heard of her. But I always remebered her as a close friend. I am sure today if I met her again we should start knowing each other from scratch and there is a good chance to find a lot of unpleasant things about each other. But I remember her as a girl who loves animals and loves play with me all the time. I remember her with all those positive moments we shared.

Last year she added me on face-book. I accept her request and notice that she just started her face-book account (because she only had 9 friends in her friends list). That was a pleasant feeling to realize she too remembered me. I thought she opened her account and decided to search for her friends and I am in her top 10 to search for. I looked at her photos and searched for old her (child version of her) in those pictures. I know she is an artist now. I wrote a small note on her wall and that's pretty much it. A child inside me still smiling at her as a first friend.

Picture is from here.


Behi said...

That was a sweet post! Childhood friends and their memories don't fade away so easily :)

Anonymous said...

Nice note Hiva jan! To me any friend who came to my life, even for a very short period of time, touch a part of my a bad a good way...any way it was, I look at it as an experience who help me to grow up....But still I have the same feeling as you described...even with whom I lost touch..I still love them for being my friend at some point...To me friendship is a gold.
Maryam R.

Nava said...

Interesting that you were still thinking about each other even after all these years...
and that squirrels on the sofa story was really funny :D

Hiva said...

thanks you are right as a child we are strongly affected and memories of those days stuck with us.

That's a very positive attitude, although I don't love those who hurt me in the past :)

Yeah, after all these years. I think we had a strong bond and chemistry that even after all these years weakly connects us :)