Sunday, May 30, 2010

More on site experiments

It's been two weeks since I've started my new job. I getting used to my situation gradually. Sometimes I wish everyday was 24 hours. Being on sites are exciting especially when the site is an intact piece of land with trees and everything. I meet with different people with different background. Most of the time I am the only girl on site and I noticed that drillers find me interesting. For them I am like an alien hanging out with them. Apparently there are not many girls on construction sites. Some time drillers became a little shy and try to use less "F word", some of them ask me a lot of questions like what I am doing there, or how old I am, etc. I want them to be comfortable with me. I don't want to act like boys, I wanna be myself but at the same time I don't want to be a "Sissy" doesn't want to get her hand dirty.


Behdokht said...

Happy to know you're enjoying your work's atmosphere. Just be yourself around these tough guys and you'll be fine Hiva joonam :) booos

Deep Blue Sea said...

Hi Hiva.

Maybe you will get a project to dig tunnel from America to Europe. Hope to see you soon on Discovery Channel .


Hiva said...

:D I love that idea