Sunday, August 22, 2010

Getting There Soon

It's been more than a month since I wrote in here. I am busy working, commuting, trying to graduate :D. I finalized my thesis. I applied all the comments from my supervisors. Now I am going to make 7 copies and mail to the dean of graduate office at MUN.

I should confess it took me so long because I was too lazy to keep my "A.." on the chair in the weekend and do the final touch. When you work full time it's just not easy to spend more time working behind your desk at home. believe me!

I love my job that's a good news. I do like my colleges of course everywhere there are some weirdos or jerks but as far as nice people dominants I'm happy. Summer is ending and I am still waiting for my parents to apply for visa which I have a feeling they won't just like last two summers. I missed my family GOD know how much and I can't just go and visit them anytime I want anymore. Unless I quite which is not that likely ;)

Nima is downstairs right now watching TV waiting for me to join him to prepare delicious dinner. What do we have for dinner? Well we are going to bake 1 lbs Halibut Fillet and cooked some rice spiced up with dills.
Bon Appetit :D (ok I confess we just watched this movies, July and Juliet, last night).


Deep Blue Sea said...

Hi Hiva. Nice to see your post.

You know I just finished my graduating from Bachelors last month. I did Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.
Well. I just want to say that your blog along with other blogs really helped to during some tough times when I dint know whether I can finish it. I spend hours reading your blogs and others including some of your friends.It is great to have virtual friends.

Thank you for the wonderful blog Miss Hiva. Keep Going.

Yours Regularly ;-)
Deep Blue Sea.


Nava said...

Uh! That movie make you want to have a similar experience, to cook and play around with recipes...and it sure makes you hungry!
Good luck with the graduation process :)

marjan said...

koli mobarake, hiva joon,
pas be zoodi inja mobinimet,
st.john's ba aghooshe baz montazerete:)))

koli ba oon film haal kardam, kheili doostesh dashtam,
Have great and happy time, enjoy your life!

Hiva said...

congrat on your graduation, I'm happy you had fun with this blog..have fun buddy

Nava and Marjan joon,
Thanks wish me luck for defense

Unknown said...

سلام هيوا جون. ايشالا كه خوب باشي و در درسها هم موفق. پيشاپيش فارغ التحصيليتو تبريك ميگم.

Hiva said...

Merci Somi jooon, to ham hamintor azize man

Behdokht said...

Best of luck with the defense Hivaie. Miss you, boooos.

Behdokht said...

rasti, I'm gonna see if I can find the movie, sounds delicious ;) :)