Monday, October 18, 2010

Late Night Thoughts

Sometimes I feel I am a leaf that strong wind drags me here and there. I can't stop it, I can't cling on anything; my hands are too slippery. I am just flying with this wind. Sometimes work takes over my life, from dawn to dusk. Right then I feel like being drown. Feel like a paralyzed person who can't stop and watch the flock of birds migrating and dream a little bit. Is it because I am a woman? Is it because I am Hiva?
I love working, I love being independent but you have to pay the price your freedom!
I love blogging and the fact that the gap between each post getting bigger and bigger upsets me. While working I am watching people around me and imagine writing about this and that incidents in here. When I am home I just can't put myself together to write. Blogging for me is Like praying..mediation..reviewing my day, reviewing my feeling..being honest with myself and spit it out in here..
List of things in my head...defense, car light engine which has been on forever, my family I haven't seen them more than a year...etc
Life is too short..I can live with a Mazda which its gas consumption is more that a SUV but I can't live without having my family in real term..something more than a voice through few phone calls or few photos through emails. I need a practical solution.


Lotus said...

If blogging is so effective, then try to do it every day, even though for two minutes.
Start writing and then publish whatever you have after a couple of minutes, I am sure you will get used to writing short if it has a positive effect on you as you said

Be strong and well

Deep Blue Sea said...

Hi Hiva.

That is the issue with a professional.

One thing is in your favor. May be in five years you will become a Canadian citizen .Then you can just get a job which pays limited money but you have a lot of time for yourself. Like maybe a school teacher or something.
Unlike in our countries, being a school teacher or such jobs in Canada or US fetch sufficient money and since its America , U can get a nice lifestyle.

Another thing Hiva. Invest.

"Paychecks make a living, Profits make a fortune "

I don't know if you do. But explore stock market investment as a viable option. Invest affordable amounts in very low price stocks {in a booming sector of economy}. Such that the 'number of shares' you have is high. If there is a bubble, there is a fortune to be made.

Think of other investments as well.

Please don't laugh Hiva.I am serious. Promise me you will become a Millionaire..

Deep Blue Sea.

Hiva said...

Thanks for the advice I'll try it..

DBS :)

That was very sweet..I'll try

Behi said...

You need a trip to Iran, I think it will work like a charm ;) And I totally feel what you're saying by the way, booos

Hiva said...

Booos Behi