Saturday, October 30, 2010

...A human is a human being..

In my 30 years of life I learned one things "a human is a human being". No matter how far we go, how hard we try to make a polish image of ourselves, at the end of a day we are simple naked ape with all instincts that other animals have: food, territory, mating, survival.. No matter how hard we try to show ourselves as saint or a bully we all have that naked ape inside, smiling at us.
I knew a girle, educated and from a good family who was in love with a skinny unemployed heroine addicted man for 3 years till the man die of overdose and a police found his body in a ditch.
I knew a successful businessman who had a lovely girlfriend for two years until that lovely girl realized he had a wife.  
I knew a girl who was cheating on her husband for 6 years ; all of their close friends and her family knew about it until someone voluntiered to let the poor husband knew.
I knew a man who had a sex-addicted wife, slept with many of his cousins and he has no clue.
I knew a highly educated boy, funny, smart and sporty who one day for no reason decided to kiss a random girl's boobies in an elevator.
I've been surprised in a positive or negative way by people around me. I am sure all of us has some similar stories. At some point in my life I realized that I could never be able to know someone good enough so that he/she would never surprise me. At some point in my life I stopped making a certain image of people I meet in my life. I told to my self "a human is a human" and anyone can do anything. But to tell you the truth still I am being surprised once in a while. Then I am reminding myself "Hiva, a human is a human being".
You might be be surprised one day even by yourself.


Deep Blue Sea said...

Hi Hiva ,

You are right. We never fully know a person. Mainly because only they have lived every second of their life. You probably just know a few seconds and that too as a second or third person.

In fact sometimes you know a person inaccurately. That is, what you think about may be far from reality.

For example, take the Chile miners story recently.We heard the story of how they survived and their courage.But we only know a approximate outline of the story.

Only the miners know every second of that story. Only they lived every second of it.

By the Way,
"I knew a highly educated boy, funny, smart and sporty who one day for no reason decided to kiss a random girl's boobies in an elevator."

No reason ? Well I think the boobies themselves are reason enough ;-)

Just kidding Hiva. Keep Well.

the one who writes said...

this is so true, humans can't surprise me anymore. I wanna see how I can surprise myself one day.... I'm trying not to give up on people... as you said "a human is a human being.." but the thing is are we here to judge people not being sure. not asking questions and just rely on what we hear?

Behdokht said...

True! I'd also say, a human is a weirdo! ;-) kisses