Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy new year

We are in san diego, warm, sunny, and green. Blue pacific ocean with lazy seals laying along the shore, these tropical trees, and green ground are all haunting me. I am watching the news about snow strom happening at east part of the continent, burying cars, holding travelers in airports. I am not going back, I like it here :).
P.S. A picture is a Santa at the end of the Disney Parade 


Behdokht said...

It's freezing cold in here! Enjoy the sun! boooos :)

Deep Blue Sea. said...

Happy New Year Hiva ! Wish you all the best.

Unknown said...

Hooman and I on AVE the fast train back to Madrid from Toledo! it is a mesmerizing city, we don't want to go back home either!

You two have fun and enjoy the weather as much as you can.


Hiva said...

Stay warm honey

Wish you the best pal

I'm happy to hear you guys are having fun. Tell Hooman we felt the same way on the way back from TOBERMORY ;)

Georg said...

Hi Hiva,

San Diego might be far more warm than your icy abode up North but according to a blogger friend living there, this is not Paradise.

Nevertheless, you had a good time there and that is what counts.